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"Our soaps will take you back to a time long ago, when families lived healthier lives, used all of their resources and produced little waste." - Dorinda Rumbold
Dorinda cutting soap
Dorinda lives with her husband Andrew, 2 Retrievers, and a
flock of egg-laying chickens in Bucks County, Penna.
As a way to include more self-sufficiency into our lives Andrew started making
 biodiesel  from vegetable oil to heat our home and power our diesel vehicles.  Out of this process comes a vegetable glycerin byproduct that was discovered
 to make an amazing natural soap.
We hope you enjoy discovering the many uses of Wash Tyme Soaps and
 invite you to explore this website
. No chemicals or detergents added, No Phospates.

"It lasts sooo long, feels so good and the upcycling process feels so ethically right"
-Green Changes