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...You Can Say That Again!!

"As the mother of three young country boys and a husband that works with rusty chains, I cannot emphasize enough how amazing the Clean & Green liquid soap is for laundry. I've even squirted some on old stains and they come out like new. It's truly amazing, not to mention mild enough where it doesn't bother my skin."
- Cindy Renner

"So grateful I discovered Wash Tyme soap just in time for the dry winter season! What a difference it makes on my skin, especially my hands because I hand wash all of our dishes!  Thank you Dorinda & Andy for making such a pleasant and most importantly an environmentally responsible product!"
- Angela Walker

I've had amazing results with your liquid soap in the laundry. My daughter's jacket was so filthy that I figured we'd have to replace it. I'd washed it with our old detergent and it still looked awful. As a last resort, I squirted some of your Clean & Green liquid soap on the stains and threw it in the washer. I didn't even pre-treat or soak it first. I was amazed when the jacket came out looking like new! The same day, she'd also been playing with food coloring...while wearing a white sweater. She got red food coloring all over her sweater and pants. Again, I thought they would be ruined, but I washed them that night and both the sweater and pants came out without a single mark on them. Your soap is fantastic!"
- Denise Perna from Truly Pure & Natural

"I use this soap in my cafe and ALL of the employees (including myself) refuse to switch back to the big brands. Your soap does not dry out your hands, no matter how many times you wash them....THANKS GUYS"
- Ryman Maxwell from Down To Earth Cafe
"I am currently using the liquid soap for hands and dishes. I love it for my hands. I did have to get used to it not sudsing up when used as dishsoap. I was pleasantly surprised that this low sudsing soap is getting my dishes clean! I look forward to trying your bar soap as well"
- Jeanne Kane
(Wash Tyme note: suds do not equal clean!  Most detergents use chemicals to make their product lather because people think that equals clean)


"During the changing of the season dry skin is an issue; well until now. I have been purchasing Wash Tyme soap at Arnold Cafe and I love it! So far my favorite scents are "Bathe in the Woods" and "Patchouli with shea butter". The soaps leave your skin soft!" - Stacy Koenig

"The standard commercial bar soaps sold in the stores always leave my skin feeling dry and stripped of natural oils. I was introduced to Wash Tyme Handmade Soap through the Doylestown Food Club and tried some of the bar soaps. I absolutely love the way they make my skin feel...moisturized but without a film or overwhelming scent. I especially love the Patchouli with Shea Butter and also recently tried the Almond with Shea Butter. My young daughter uses it and it has helped minimize her occcasional eczema. Another great Wash Tyme product I recommend -- the lavender liquid soap. It is great for general all-purpose cleaning around the house. I use it on some hand washable garments, cleaning sinks and counters, etc. Thank you, Wash Tyme!" - Erica Chick

"I use the bar soap on my dogs and they smell so great afterwards and their fur is super soft!" - Laura Spencer

"It lasts sooo long, feels so good and the upcycling process and use of the glycerin to your soap feels so ethically right. Thank you for your environmental contribution and commitment!" - Justine from  Green Changes

"I use M.A.C. makeup brushes and use Wash Tyme Soap to clean them now!! It works better than ANYTHING I have found to date - including the expensive makeup brush cleaners! 
So last night my 15 month old had a BLOWOUT diaper all over his white onesie...I soaked it in Wash Tyme hand soap with hot water for probably a half hour. When I went back, I couldn't tell where the stains had been any more!!! BRAVO!!! and THANK YOU!!! " - Karen Walter

"I have been washing my hands with the Lavender Liquid Soap. Before trying it, I couldn't believe that it was not going to feel greasy. It cleaned my hands and left them soft. There was no greasy feeling at all. And the scent...ahhhhhhhhh. I cannot wait to try it in the laundry." - Susan Orchowsky